William & Laura’s wedding previews

The wedding was beautiful and intimate with only a small number of family and friends.

From the bride:

We met through a mutual friend many years ago, later reconnected and had a beautiful baby girl
Olivia. The proposal was during a family trip to San Antonio. We went on a nighttime walk around the
riverwalk, ate dinner, and then he proposed in front of the fountains on our way back to our hotel.


Venue: Piazza in the Village
Planner: Sheila Brown
Caterer: Piazza in the Village
Florist: Bride made all flowers
Baker: Elizabeth’s Cake Supplies and Bakery
Dress(es)/Suit(s): David’s Bridal/Men’s Wearhouse
DJ/Band: DJ Connection
Makeup/Hair: Tara and Olivia

Lauren & Nathan’s wedding previews

From the groom ~

Lauren and I met while we were both attending law school at LSU in Baton Rouge. From the moment I first saw her in those leopard leggings during my Employment Discrimination exam (somehow it ended up being my lowest grade that semester), I knew she was the one. After deploying some super smooth tactics, including pretending like I didn’t know who she was, I somehow convinced her to study with me at the library. Eventually, after buying her countless smoothies during our study breaks, she finally agreed to go on a date with me! We decided that we would go to the movies for our first date and I even let her choose the movie thinking she would choose some boring chick flick, but to my surprise, she chose Mad Max Fury Road. Once we got to the movies, I offered to buy some snacks expecting that she would choose popcorn and candy, but again to my surprise, she chose a pickle…yes, a pickle. It was at that moment that I knew two things: 1) this was not your typical girl; and 2) I had to make her mine. There was really just one more test for Lauren to pass at this point – meeting my now 10 year old golden retriever, Marley. Lauren and Marley became best friends immediately upon meeting each other. In fact, the first time Lauren met Marley, they rolled around on the ground together for at least 15 minutes. After I graduated and moved to Shreveport to start my job at Bradley Murchison Kelly & Shea, our future seemed a little uncertain as Lauren was set to take the Texas bar exam in May of 2016 and planned to move back home to Dallas, where she all but had a job lined up at a prominent oil and gas firm. To my surprise, Lauren told me she was fully committed to me and was going to take the Louisiana bar exam and search for job opportunities in Shreveport. When Lauren told me this, it was one of the happiest days of my life. Shortly thereafter, Lauren accepted a job with the twenty-sixth judicial district court for Bossier and Webster Parishes, where upon graduating and passing the bar she clerked for the Honorable Parker Self and the Honorable Michael Nerren. In December of 2016, Lauren met her new best friend in this world – a tiny miniature longhair cream Dachshund named Nash, who is as ornery as he is cute (Lauren would kill me if I somehow didn’t mention Nash during this whole thing). During the summer of her clerkship, Lauren took and passed the Texas bar exam. After Lauren’s clerkship, she accepted a position as an associate attorney with Langley, Parks, Horton & Maxwell in Shreveport. We closed on our new home in Shreveport on August 4, 2017. On that same day, Lauren made me the happiest man in the world by agreeing to marry me after I got down on one knee in our empty new home filled with candles and rose petals. We then shared a picnic of her favorite food (spaghetti) and celebrated with champagne and chardonnay (her favorite white wine). We have been celebrating ever since and are excited beyond words to become husband and wife. We cannot wait to celebrate with our closest friends and family on October 13, 2018 in Dallas, Texas.

Venue – Dallas Arboretum
Beverages – Spec’s Wine & Beer
Cake – Dallas Affaires
Catering – CN Catering
Bride & bridesmaids dresses – Providence Place Bridal Boutique
Flowers – 21 PARC
Hair – Bigger Better Hair
Makeup – Exquisite Glam
Lighting – LeForce Entertainment
Cocktail music – Nick DiGennaro
DJ – LeForce Entertainment
Video – Lynn Films
Portrait Artist – Susan Moss Cooper
Photo Montage – Le Force
Day Of Assistant – Denise McFadden
Transportation Limo Bus – Blue Diamond
Transportation departure car – Romantic Rememberances
Officiant – Bishop Todd Bell
Ceremony music – Chenoweth Quartet
Photography – Brandi McComb Photography

Lauren’s bridal previews

Lauren was married yesterday at the Dallas Arboretum, same place we did her bridals. I am thrilled to be able to show these off now.

She was a stunning bride!

Venue – Dallas Arboretum
Dress – Providence Place Bridal
Hair & Makeup – Marbles Beauty
Bouquet – Twig Floristry


Jorge & Bianca’s wedding blog

From the bride:
Jorge and I met in college. He had transferred in to play on the men’s basketball team and I was on the women’s basketball team at the time. Specifically, we met in the gym while shooting around. The proposal was nice and simple. I knew it was coming. Jorge is not good at surprising me. It may be that I am just very speculative. We went to dinner and he popped the question 🙂
Venue: Wildwood Inn
Planner: Faith / Venue Coordinator
Caterer: Milestone Catering
Florist: J’Maries Design
Baker: Veh’s Treats / Anye’ Smith (Bridesmaid)
DJ/Band: Terry Hansford (Groom’s Uncle)
Décor: Angel Martin (MOB)
Photographer: Brandi McComb Photography

Kerryn & Nick’s wedding blog!

From the bride:

Met at our friend’s wedding and have been inseparable since. He proposed after getting his private
pilot license and had a sign on a field below and proposed in the air. It was even on the news.


His proposal was pretty awesome! Click below to watch the video, so cute!

Talented venue and vendors:

Venue – Eldorado Country Club
Caterer: Eldorado country Club
Florist: Patti Ann’s Flowers (all the rest- bride)
Baker: Tart Bakery (grooms cake) Bianca Swanepoel (brides)
Dress – Sara’s Bridal Boutique
Groom – Men’s Wearhouse
Bridesmaids – LuLus Bridal Boutique
DJ: Total Event Audio & Lighting LLC
Décor: Weddings by Farah (Draping only)
Photography – Brandi Mccomb Photography – DFW Wedding & Portrait Photographer


Britnie & Brian’s wedding blog!

From the bride:
How we got here, in a short version

When I graduated from the academy, I proudly posted a “selfie” in uniform on social media. Well, it didn’t take long for Brian to start poking at my badge number or how “shiny and clean” my badge was.

Being the sarcastic person I am, I couldn’t let it go and some time later I convinced him to help me with a few things at work. Well, he still helps me with stuff at work but not as much anymore.

3 years of trips to Missouri, kayaking, hiking and date nights that somehow always ended up at a hibachi steakhouse… Oh, and can’t forget having three of the most “special” lab mix dogs that obviously rule the house. Here we are, incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to get married in front of all of our closest friends and family.

Britnie & Brian were married at The Grove with a wonderful lineup of vendors

Planner: Bobbie Jantz
Caterer: Kelly’s at The Village
Florist: Details Dallas Floral & Event Company
Baker: Annie’s Culinary Creations
DJ: All Access DJ
Makeup/Hair: Tease to Please Hair and Makeup
Dress: Pence and Panache Bridal & Tuxedo
Rentals: 5 Star Rental
Décor: Bride & MOB
Bartending: HD Liquid Catering
Photography: Brandi Mccomb Photography – DFW Wedding & Portrait Photographer


Britnie’s bridal previews

Britnie got married last night so I can share her gorgeous bridals from early September!

We shot at my favorite Dallas Arboretum. When she arrived I realized she did not have a bouquet but luckily my bride just before her was still there and had THREE!! That bride’s Aunt had made them and they were beautiful. She so generously offered one to Britnie to use.

These are some of our favorites.

Venue – Dallas Arboretum
Bouquet – Twig Floristry in Shreveport, Louisiana
Dress – Pence and panache bridal salon in Burleson.

Courtney & Daniel – wedding previews

Venue – Palais at the Avignon Windhaven
Hair & Makeup – Leslie Barajas and Janet Guzman
Floral/Decor – Petals & Pearls Unique Designs
Catering – Culinary Art Catering
DJ – Boogieman DJ Service
Cake & Desserts – Legacy Cakes Baker
Harpist – Carol Tatum
Pastor – Marty Younkin

*Clients/Vendors – These images are copyright of Brandi McComb Photography. Please do not save the images or crop out my logo, screenshot or enhance the images in any way. You may share the blog and tag yourself.

Mackenzie & Connor’s wedding blog

Venue: Event1013
Planner/Decor: Bride
Caterer: Urban Crust
Florist: Mother (Kimberly Norum-Heiss)
Baker: Katie Crenshaw Thorson (fb-Rise: Home Bakery [my aunt])
All Suits: Mens Warehouse
Bridesmaids: David’s Bridal, Bride- Anonymously Yours Shop Dress by Stella York
DJ: Damon Richardson
Makeup/Hair: Hair – Jody Miller, Make-up – McCartney Waters
Videographer: Icarus Independent Productions
Décor: Mother (Kimberly Norum-Heiss)
Photography: Brandi McComb Photography
From the bride:
Connor & I met early my junior year in High School, his second year at Richland Community college. He had a girlfriend who was friends with one of my good girl friends at the time. We all went to iHop one night after the Homecoming dance us girls went together to, and that was the first time I ever met Connor. While at iHop we weren’t allowed to talk to him, lol, it was a very awkward evening. After weeks went by we spoke maybe twice on social media, she didn’t like that and voiced her opinion about that to our friend which made me avoid him as much as possible on social media. I was so far from interested, was drama I never needed in my life. That ex-girlfriend & one more ex -girlfriend later, we started texting a litle here and there, I still wasn’t interested in any relationships, but he asked me to hangout a few times and after the umpteenth time I finally agreed to hangout. After months of getting to know each other & hanging out he asked me to be his girlfriend, which I didn’t hear him ask and boy will he never let me forget it (also didn’t hear him the first time he told me he loved me so he really won’t let me live
that one down haha). He went off to SFA right after that & I was in my senior year of High School. Not long after I think it was prety clear to the both of us that we had thought we were each other’s future, & talked about getting married a lot down the road. Connor and I are very alike and very different at the same time and it just seems to work really well with us, as if we complete each other. We did the distance relationship for 3 years & 3 months which wasn’t always easy but forever will be worth it. I decided about that time I wanted to live with him & end the distance, I found an equally good management job in Nac so that way we could live together & start a new chapter together while he completed his Master’s Degree. Litle did I know he had a similar idea; not long after the plans came for me to go off to training for my new job, he took me to my dad’s grave to talk to him together. My dad passed away in 2007 from a rare Sarcoma Lung Cancer, he did not smoke so that is why it was rare, he had it from age 16 until 33. Although I miss him so so much, I am happy he is no longer in pain and going from 6 months of being okay and then the next 6 months in and out of the hospital. We made a vow to go talk to him anytime something big happened in our lives, because it is so important to me we keep him in the loop, moving in together (plus 200 miles away) was a big step so we wanted to tell him in person. After talking to him about all the new stuff going on in our lives, he spoke to my dad about some things as well and it was very sweet listening to the man I love talk to my dad’s grave as if he’s known him, and then out of the blue he asked him for his permission to have my hand in marriage, I thought it was the cutest thing ever but didn’t think it was anything more. Boy was I wrong; he then kissed me, took a brief pause, turned and got on one knee & asked me to marry him!! It was by far the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me and the most meaningful. My dad was my everything, and is the closest thing to home for me, he knew that and by bringing him into the proposal made me realize just how much he is the man for me! I know my dad would’ve loved to have met him.
He has my entire heart, forever.

Jessie & James wedding previews

A note from the bride:

James and I met for the first time at an MCA Homecoming game back in 2006 when we were 11 and 10 years old, respectively. At the time, we both shared a love of video games and Pokemon. Four years later, I invited James to my first high school dance as an unspoken “more-than-a-friend” date. After a few months, we decided to make it official.
James often teases me over the sheer number of mugs in my cabinet. On Christmas Eve in 2017, James and I snuck away from the festivities to exchange our gifts. Though I knew a proposal was in the cards fairly soon, I pushed away the thought when I
sized up the three gifts he brought — none were ring-box sized. The last gift I opened was a mug that read “officially off the
market” with an arrow pointing to the handle. As soon as I looked up, James was down on his knee and saying all kinds of sweet words that I desperately tried to commit to memory. Before saying “yes,” I blurted “you got me a mug” and we hugged a lot. To me, each mug has a story, a meaning, a memory. I would trade them all for this one.
Venue: Avalon Legacy Ranch
Planner: Alee Ladd
Caterer: Market Street, Allen
Florist: (same as catering)
Baker: Society Bakery for main cake, Market Street for the rest
Dress(es)/Suit(s): Men’s Wearhouse
DJ/Band: Bride’s aunt – Tree Mills

Makeup/Hair (if applicable) Camryn Brill, friend of bride