Bobo wedding!!

How it all happened…

One of the very first times they ever hung out, Laurin and Jason started the day rock climbing and playing sand volleyball with a group of mutual friends and ended the day with a pizza for dinner. Despite constant protests, Laurin gave Jason $6 cash to reimburse him for her share of the pizza. They then spent the evening sneaking the $6 back and forth into each other’s pockets, her purse, his shoes, etc. until Laurin left for the evening, throwing the money out the car window at him as she drove away. Still not wanting to accept her money, the next day Jason found Laurin on Facebook, offered to take her on a date as repayment, and she accepted. They went kayaking at White Rock Lake. One and a half years later, at Laurin’s grandparents’ house, Jason took her into the backyard and handed her that same $6 and said that he had been carrying it with him every day since that very first day. He then pulled a ring out of his boot and asked Laurin to marry him while her whole family (who lived all over the world at the time) watched from the living room.

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Venue: THE SPRINGS Event Venue
Planner: Leslie Lord
Caterer: Tatering
Florist: Treasured Blossoms Flower Market
Baker: Emporium Pies
Dress(es)/Suit(s): Terry Costa, Azazie, Mens Warehouse
DJ: DJ Sneaky
Makeup/Hair: Bridesmaids
Photography: Brandi McComb Photography

Lara & Trevor – Oct. 12, 2019

A note from the bride:

We met at III Forks through mutual friends. Our first Valentines together was at III Forks. Our wedding HAD to be at III Forks. On New Years Eve 2018 4 couples went to Broken Bow Oklahoma and rented a cabin. We just relaxed and hung out and cooked all weekend. At midnight on New Years Eve around a bon fire, Trevor was toasting to the new year and “our song” started playing on some ones phone and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. He told me that he had gotten the permission of all 3 of my kids and my dads permission.



Venue: III Forks
Planner: Kalisa
Caterer: III Forks (Leah was the event planner for the venue and Chris Vogeli made it all HAPPEN)
Florist: Kalisa
Dress(es)/Suit(s)- LuLu’s Bridal and Altered for the Alter
DJ/Band: Goga
Makeup/Hair: Friend
Décor: Kalisa
Photographer: Brandi McComb Photography



Brooke & Cody – October 5, 2019

Venue: Webb Hill
Caterer: Webb hill
Florist: Bev Williams
Baker: Kaitlyn Welch
Wedding dress: Providence Place Bridal Shop
Suits: David’s bridal
DJ: Forerunner Entertainment
Hair: Macey Talley
Makeup: Olivia Quirl
Videographer: Castorena Films
Decor: Hobby lobby and Amazon


A note from the bride:

Cody & I met at our best friends gender reveal.  They are our matron of honor and best man. He took me for a walk in the middle of December and it was cold and I was cranky. Then about 10 minutes into our walk I saw a sign that said “Brooke will you marry me?” Then he got down on one knee and a photographer came out of the woods and got pictures of me saying yes. We had a small engagement photo shoot.



Alison & Donnie – September 28, 2019

A note from the bride:

We met at Smoke Monkey BBQ in rockwall. His sister and brother and law had a dessert stand there that they were in charge of. He was up there visiting them and happened to be standing there when I walked up to order from them. He looked very familiar, and I found out later we were mutual friends on Instagram. He liked my photo that night, then I messaged him and the rest is history! 🙂
Donnie knew the 50 acres I grew up on in Terrell, Texas was & will always be one of my favorite places and quickly became one of his. In February 2019, he asked me to go to dinner with a couple of friends. I had woke up that morning sick as a dog, but he convinced me they had something very important to discuss over dinner so we could not cancel, so we went. On the way home, he asked, “Can I show them the land in Terrell?” I thought to myself, it is dark outside so I’m not sure how much he’s going to show them but sure! So I told him, of course! We get to the road it is on and he stops the truck, gets out, and says he needed to “check the tire pressure.” He then opened my door and handed me a blindfold and told me to put it on. I refused. My exact words were, “I fixed my hair today, I’m not putting that on!” After some convincing from the friends we were with, I put it on and told Donnie “Good, that means I don’t have to get out and get the gate!” After pulling in, I was escorted out of the truck (still blindfolded) and was walked up towards where Donnie was standing. After being given the okay, I took the blindfold off and there stood all my closest family and friends lined up on each side of a lit up path leading up to Donnie in front of the pond. I ugly cried. I finally made my way up to Donnie, where he got down on one knee (for .5 seconds) and asked me to marry him. I (very quickly) SAID YES!


Venue: The Oaks at Willims Creek
Decor and florist: Petals and Pearls Unique Designs
Catering: Sweetwater Grill
DJ: Jeremy Rayl
Videographer: Hello Beautiful Films
Photographer: Brandi McComb photography
Hair: Cassie Peoples
Makeup: Lindsay Jacks Gutierrez
Dress: Circle Park Bridal Boutique

Courtney & Michael’s wedding June 29, 2019

This wedding was so beautiful from start to finish! The day began extremely hot, the kind of heat that when you step outside you can barely breathe, but as the ceremony began, storm clouds began to roll in and you could hear thunder in the distance, the weather cooled off, then just as we started bridal party photos, the wind picked up, and you could see lightening strikes way off in the background, clouds were getting darker, but I kept shooting and they were all for it! They were so much fun to work with, everyone was.

Due to the weather, there was a bad accident on the highway coming in, so the minister didn’t make it until the middle of the ceremony, so the mother of the groom officiated the first half of the wedding and it was simply beautiful!

Venue: Hawthorn Hills Ranch
Planner: Amanda Allison
Caterer: Extreme Catering
Florist:A time to shine Floral Design
Baker: Kara’s bake Shoppe
DJ:All Access DJ DFW
Photography: Brandi McComb Photography
Videographer: Chevy Chey








SirJ & Maurissa’s wedding blog

Venue – Royal Affairs Ballroom
Planner/Designer/Bouquet – Coalesce Creations Weddings & Events
Photographer – Brandi McComb Photography
DJ / MC – DJ Tagman
Hair – Wanda Floyd
MUA – Beauty By Ashley
Florist –  Weddings by The Kreative Consultant

Jordyn & Michael’s wedding blog – 6-8-19

A note from the bride ~

Michael and I met our Freshman year of high school at Jenks High School. We met in our biology class and started talking in class and then it went from there!

Michael took me to his families land, we call it the farm, on the opening day of hunting season (October 1st) in 2017. He went out that morning to go hunting and when he came back he asked if I wanted to go for a ride to the waterfall (a place on the land that is very pretty and is a waterfall when there is water running). We went to the waterfall and that is when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!!


Venue: Little Wren Weddings & Events

Planner: Curly Willow Botanicals

Caterer: Sticky Ribs BBQ

Florist: Curly Willow Botanicals

Baker: Delicious Cakes

Dress(es)/Suit(s): Davids Bridal/Mens Wearhouse

DJ: DJ Connection

Makeup/Hair: Kassandra Morales

Videographer: Simply Ivory Videography

Décor: Family/ Curly Willow Botanicals

Photographer: Brandi McComb Photography



Michelle & Brysen’s wedding previews

One of the most fun weddings!! Live band and a DJ, lots of laughter, tears, and DANCING!!!! Let’s not forget the cake, wow!


Venue  – The Springs Events at Rockwall – Rockwall Manor
Florist/Coordinator – Wild Rose Events & Floral Design
Bakery  –  Sweet Art Custom Cakes
Band – Private Property
Bar Service – D Squared Catering
Candy table Provider – Calandra Lewis
Catering  – Maggiano’s Little Italy, Willowbend
DJ  – DJ Phyfe Richard Ndagala
Hair Dresser  – Anetris
Ice Vendor  – Lone Star Services
MC  – Tracee WRight
MUA – MKup Glamourrx
Officiant – Uncle Flyod Williams
Photographer – Brandi McComb Photography
Security Service  – Kimbre Collier
Transportation  – Celeste Burgess


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Andrea & Christopher’s wedding previews

A note from the bride:

Chris and I met in college at UT-Arlington in 2008. We had mutual friends who constantly tried to set us up on a blind date. We dated in 2009 but decided to stay friends. My friends would always tell me “You’re going to end up together, you guys are going to get married.” We were in and out of each other’s lives for 6 maybe 7 years before we decided to go on a date again. It was like best friends meeting up for dinner, after that is history. We dated for 3 years before he finally proposed!
Proposal: I had been dying to take a trip somewhere and decided on Chicago in May of 2018. We had our trip booked and we were ready to go. Within the first few hours there I was already irritated with him. He was being so grumpy and said I was constantly lingering over him. To my defense, the hotel room was small and I had nowhere else to go. (Little did I know he was trying to get the ring out of his bag to put in his pocket.) We walked around the city for a few hours and decided to go see Cloud Gate aka “The Bean” in millennium park. I had him take a picture of me alone and then asked him to jump in with me. He gave a random stranger his phone and I guess secretly told him he was about to propose. As he walked up to me the stranger yelled out “Do you want me to take a photo or a video?” I was thinking in my head, “this guy must be an iPhone user, not a droid user.” The next minute I know Chris is on the ground and I’m thinking what are you doing?! But there it was, a pretty box with a shiny ring! I didn’t even hear him say a word, I just saw the ring and was like, “Are you serious?” He knelt there patiently waiting for me to say something. Before I could say a word, I grabbed the ring out of the box and put it on my finger. The perfect fit! I then hear someone yell in the crowd “What did she say?” That’s when I realized what was really happening.

Venue – Hidden Pines Chapel (Hurst)
Planner: Julia P
Caterer: D Squared Catering
Florist: Sam’s Club
Baker: Bobby Cakes (Waco)
Bridal Dress: Terry Costa Bridal
Bridesmaid Dresses: JJ’s House
Suits: Men’s Warehouse
DJ: Toast Entertainment
Makeup/Hair: A Makeup Story – Kayla Comb
Photography: Brandi McComb Photography


***Clients/Vendors – These images are copyright of Brandi Mccomb Photography – DFW Wedding & Portrait Photographer. Please do not save the images or crop out my logo. Screenshots, cropping and enhancing the images in any way is strictly prohibited. You may share the image or blog and tag yourself.



Katherine & Nate’s rainy day wedding

My sweet couple booked the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden for the beautiful scenery and flowers. They had planned to get married in the Secret Garden with reception to follow in the Camp House.

Unfortunately, that dream was crushed with 100% thunder and lightening storms. But, I was able to still create special memories for them from today. I didn’t want the rain to ruin their big day. The ceremony took place inside the living room of the house, it was packed and tough to move around, but we made it happen. The reception was under a tent, but the rain was so intense it began coming through the top in some areas. She wanted so badly to have her sendoff out front and leave in a golf cart, but instead, due to the rain, I suggested we do it under the covered patio, it couldn’t have been more perfect! Sometimes rain can mean good luck on your wedding day 

A note from the bride:

We met in college in New York and were friends for about a year before we started dating. We had only been together for a month when we graduated but we decided to move to Austin where Nate would be getting his Master’s, and then about a year after that we adopted two cats who are our de facto babies. A traditional proposal wasn’t our style so when we decided we wanted to get married we planned an engagement day where we went out to dinner at a nice place, came home to champagne, and exchanged homemade gifts.
Venue: Dallas Arboretum
Planner: Point-person at Arboretum, Ranczy Sanders (taking over from Stephanie Trujillo)
Caterer: CRO Catering, Dawn Falcone
Florist: Grateful Floral and Event Design, Beth Sovereign
Baker: SusieCakes
Dress(es)/Suit(s) Macy’s and Men’s Warehouse
Makeup/Hair: Three Zero Six, Candace Marshall
Décor: Grateful Floral and Event Design, Beth Sovereign
Photography: Brandi McComb Photography

***Clients – These images are copyright of Brandi Mccomb Photography – DFW Wedding & Portrait Photographer. Please do not save the images or crop out my logo. Screenshots, cropping and enhancing the images in any way is strictly prohibited. You may share the image or blog and tag yourself.