David & Francheska’s wedding previews

Venue- NOAH’S Fort Worth
Photographer – Brandi McComb Photography
Dj- any event productions, Broderick
S&O- alcohol
Hair& makeup- Hugo salon
Dress-  Purchased online
Cakes & desserts – The bride bakes and made everything!!
From the bride:
We met through my father; we joke that he sold me off to David. My dad was military and had to relocate. He trusted David, a guy I’ve never met, to make sure I was doing fine and if i ever needed anything, he would then help. Eventually I asked him out on our first 3 dates. Great job, dad! Haha
We planned the wedding on our own with the help of friends and family. Kudos to wedding planners, this is the most stressful job ever.
Everything turned out better than expected honestly! Though it was 1000 degrees outside, none of us passed out, so that’s a win in our book!

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