Marissa & Jared’s preview blog – Engagement session in Deep Ellum

Marissa & Jared very recently got engaged and are starting the wedding planning as we speak.

Originally she wanted outdoors and nature but after I provided her with a list of my favorite locations they decided on Deep Ellum. There are many murals in Deep Ellum I absolutely love, some have just gone up in recent months so I was excited to see what was new.

Here are my favorites from today’s session 🙂

Dallas child/teen session – Murals

It’s St Patrick’s Day and my girls are on Spring Break, they decided they didn’t want to leave town this year so we have been doing local fun stuff all week. Today I asked them if they would be my models and go drive around Dallas looking for cool murals to pose in front of.  They both chose a few outfits and we hit the road. My youngest wanted to try without her glasses, it was tough but we made it work <3 We didn’t get to finish because of the rain so we will do another shoot next weekend 🙂

I have shot in Deep Ellum for over 10 years and love the walls down there but I wanted to try and find something different for my future clients, boy did I find some amazing walls!! It took hours of driving and adding locations to my log of session addresses but so worth it. I even found some hidden between buildings and in garages. The girls loved it plus we found a cute little hamburger joint we stopped at for lunch 🙂

Here are some of my favorites!