Madison & Blake – 6-2-19

A note from the bride ~

My fiance and I met our first semester at UNT in Fall of 2013. We both lived at West hall on campus. Blake only lived at the hall and went to UNT for one semester and then joined the army in 2014. I almost did not get to attended UNT at the time depending on financial aid. Lucky for us it was in God’s will for our paths to cross when they did. We became acquantices at the time who said hello and carried on small talk while we both lived at West hall. We added each other on social media that same year. Once he left for the army we lost touch for about a year. Once some time had passed we started talking again via social media in fall 2014/spring 2015. We kept in touch for 2 years. We talked almost every day, at times we went without talking for a month or so here and there but majority of the time we had some form of communication daily while he was stationed in Hawaii for the remainder of his time in the army. We were still just acquaintances but we were somehow a little more because we knew each other’s daily routines, friend groups, etc. While we were thousands of miles away, we always talked about me visiting him in Hawaii but never actually got to make that happen (got close once but didn’t pan out). We also talked about showing each other our favorite spots, hanging out once he got home, and what the future looked like for each of us individually (but also prying to see if the other fit into our life plan, hoping this would be it). Once he returned home in fall 2017 he asked me on a date (without telling me where we were going- so natrually I freak out and don’t know what to wear). He took me to the drive in movies that night in Fort Worth where we had our first official date and hoping it would be a movie ending for us
instead of an awkward disaster. Lucky for us it was in God’s will again for that to be our last first date.
The proposal was exactly one year after our first date at the exact same location, the drive in movies in Fort Worth. We had already planned on going back for our one year date but little did I know it was the day he asked my father for his blessing and then carried on to ask me to be his wife. That night he took me to our favorite sushi place before the movies. We found our spot for the movie and he surprised me with roses and chocolate covered strawberries (and I thought that was the big surprise for the night). We knew we wanted to take a picture in front of the movie screen in between the double feature. So after the first movie he asked the “strangers” next to us to take our picture. As we were taking it I noticed he wouldn’t stop staring at me so I asked if he was ever going to look at the camera, to my surprise he said no. Instead he continued to say the sweetest words. He would always joke about getting engaged in 10 years so he mentioned how he just couldn’t wait another day and got down on one knee!!! We spent the whole second movie in the truck face timing all of our family!
Venue: Flying V Ranch Event Venue

Planner: Kelly Dobson
Caterer: Babe’s Chicken
Baker: Kat’s Confectionaries
Dress(es)/Suit(s)- Bride/Bridesmaids dresses- David’s Bridal
DJ: DJ Apollo
Hair: Kerri Storck (hair)
Videographer: Seth Roche
Décor: Planner/mother of bride/florist/bride
Photographer: Brandi McComb Photography

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