Reagan’s 15th birthday in Deep Ellum!

Reagan turned 15 on Saturday and she wanted to celebrate with some of her closest friends. Most of them are musical theater and choir kids. Reagan is my daughter so of course each year I go all out to make it extra special, being a photographer is even better because I can create super fun memories for her and her friends.

We decided to start off by doing a photo shoot in Deep Ellum where we met some very interesting and artistic people, one which they wanted a photo with, from there we had reservations at Dick’s Last Resort – Dallas, TX and let me tell you if you have not been, prepare yourself! I had never been and did not know what to expect, although embarrassed by some of the things that went on, we had the best time of our lives! These kids are 15 and 16, another is 18 and I have never seen so much laughter in one place, so much fun!!

After dinner the kids headed to Bowl-A-Rama in Rowlett to bowl for a while then came back to the house for cake and presents. The cake was created by the amazing Jessica Thompson with Tasty – Cakes & Confections

She may be 15 and getting older but she’s still not too old to create memories with friends 🙂

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