Timothy & Shelby’s wedding previews 4-18-2017

Timothy & Shelby’s love story is one you would need to sit down with his brother and hear. It is like right out of a fairy tale and his brother is the reason they met and fell in love.

Timothy is in the United States Army and there are times they do not see each other for long periods of time. Their story is only beginning, I wish them nothing but happiness and a beautiful, wonderful life together as husband and wife.

The ceremony & reception took place at 1899 Farmhouse, Wedding & Event Venue. The colors were breathtaking and the floral were to die for!

3 thoughts on “Timothy & Shelby’s wedding previews 4-18-2017

  1. Oh my!!!! The pictures are beautiful! The wedding looks like a wonderful time! We are sooooo sad we had to miss it! The photographer captured your wedding day perfectly! Soooooo happy for you two! Congratulations on the beginning of your long journey through life together!

  2. These are breathtaking!! What a beautiful, joyous event! The loveliness and excitement of the celebration was magnificently captured!

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